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We wanted a «different» place, a very Parisian way of life at the crossroads of Fine Arts, innovative gastronomy, wine creators and collectibles. Our site receives 40,000 guests each year and we are expanding our collections every year. Discover the concept that we strive to communicate selectively in Europe, the Americas and Asia since the 1728 is intended to remain first and foremost a place of word of mouth.


La quête du nombre d'or
Architect, contractor, in charge of the Royal Plans and Fortifications in France under Louis XV, Antoine Mazin, founder in 1728 of the Hotel that bears his name, was passionate about mathematics and esotericism.
1728 is for him a “magic year” because it signed the recognition and the apotheosis of his talent. Many hotels and Royal buildings were already bearing his seal. This date is also the reward of his architectural quests oriented towards volumes and the perfect proportions of the golden ratio: 12x12x12 = 1728 !
This quest explains the wide architectural balance of our place, reception rooms neither too large nor too small, neither too high nor too short, a desire for harmony he applied to his own home.


Les lieux chargés d'histoire
Mazin, of course, that we are rediscovering today, but also the great family of financial tycoons Marquet de Bourgade, then the General Marquis de La Fayette, who lived there from 1827 until his death. He hosted all the Great Figures of the World at that time (Cooper, Stendhal, Simon Bolivar ...) all these characters marked this place with their imprint.
Each reception room, each apartment, every area exudes a major event, an important meeting, a famous love affair, a revolution ...
This explains the historical protection of our hotel desired by the City of Paris.
The Hotel La Fayette Mazin - www.hotelmazinlafayette.comis a member of the Demeures Historiques. Demeures Historiques


Un lieu dédié aux Beaux Arts
Architecture, of course, but also painting and sculpture, collectibles, rare furniture, with a predilection for Italian paintings of the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. Our Fonds de Dotation Hôtel Mazin La Fayette is the motive force that drives this Beaux Arts policy and guarantees the continuity of our efforts.
Our permanent collections have the vocation to move tomorrow around Europe and Asia and to enrich ourselves with these multi-cultural spaces symbolized by the 18th Venetian showcase of our Music Room where we present an exceptional collection of Chinese archeology !


Un lieu dédié à la gastronomie inventive

Le 1728, l'un des cent lieux du Paris d'Alain Ducasse.

The 1728, a new “coup de coeur” for Alain Ducasse. In his big and beautiful book “I LOVE PARIS” Alain Ducasse devotes four pages to the 1728 among the 100 favorites of the master. A superb book to offer, and probably the best up to dated guide about gourmet delight sites in Paris.

Alain Ducasse


Une passion pour les vins d'auteurs et de collections
Since our inception we wanted to be a broadcasting platform to enhance he new French and European talented winemakers. But we are also offer a wide collection of sure values. On this basis, we can advise and support future new places in Europe or Asia.


Being just fine
No timetable imposed, first or second services are open... we present a wide range of time for your orders ,everyone can breathe at his own pace.

Our place opens early and closes late and early arrivals are not the first to go !

The best compliment we love to hear from our guests who leave the place is «We must now return to real life!»
The context, the history surrounding, the collections, the menu, our warm welcome... all that involves a very special time-space atmosphere that marks our deep difference.

We frequently host world leaders, presidents, prime ministers, important entrepreneurs, well known press tycoons, famous artists, recognized writers ... and yet we have no press agent, or VIP “carré”, our care is the same for all, because our hosts, known or unknown, share the spirit our the place.